Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I resolve not to resolve

I thought about starting off today with stories of drunk people at the bar on New Years, but quite frankly I don't remember too much. Just nothing too interesting happened. I spent the night with some good friends ringing in the new year.

Sure I watched some old guy go up to the buffet 3 or 4 times, disregard the use of utensils in favor of his fingers when making a cannibal (raw beef) sandwich. How he put half a shaker of salt on each little sandwich, grabbed onions to toss on there, throwing the excess back on top of the onion pile, and then smashing it into his mouth- while still standing over the rest of the food, crumbs be damned if they feel- and then move away.

I watched a bartender get really drunk. She looked like she was having the time of her life. It was good to see her so happy.

I also made $50 on the football pool. Not shabby. That would go towards covering the table for the booze bill.

No, I won't get into that.

I will get into the concept of New Year's resolutions. I find them pointless. It is for the weak to come up with an excuse to do something and then cry about it when they fail.

For instance, I could say I will lose the weight I gained last month. But heck, I was going to try and do that anyway. It would be simple. Stop shoving all the cookies and candy at work in my piehole. Every time you walk by food, don't grab some. Stop drinking so much beer. Ok. baby steps.

Actually, if I would resolve to do anything, it may be to calm down my driving habits a bit. I think I may eluded the sheriff and a speeding ticket this morning. I was just a couple miles from my exit when I saw him on the left side of the road. None of the cars in front of me hit their brakes so I went by him at about 68 (55 zone). I looked up into the rear view mirror and saw his headlights pop on and he began to pull out. Fuck! Traffic was heavy so maybe I can use it to my advantage.

Because my exit was coming up I moved over to the center lane as I normally would, finding a nice spot behind a truck. I then got over to the right lane and hid myself next to the truck. All the time I kept looking back to see where he was and if there were any flashing lights closing in on me.


I hit my exit and felt better. But then I saw a couple other vehicles following about an 1/8 of a mile back. One was going pretty fast. Crap! I took it easy and waited it out. Pick up truck. Yes! Close call averted again. Twice in a week. That ain't good.

Hopefully I can call the DMV later this morning and get hold of someone. They shouldn't be closed because of the funeral. Fed offices are closed but I haven't heard anything about state offices. Any which way, I hope to get the truck registration cleared up today. My gut tells me I accidentally tossed the forms.

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