Friday, November 30, 2007

And a good time was had by all...

OK, maybe not all. At least one.

Yeah, there I was, the lone Cowboys fan amid the sea of green and gold at the bar. Decked out in my Roy Williams #31 jersey, wearing the Cowboys hat bought in Dallas and christened with sweat at Texas Stadium, cheering my team on. My friend can attest that I was not boisterous or disrespectful of the Packers (something the guys at the Wisconsin Sport Bar would find hard to believe), and that I took some shit from people I don't know before and during the game. Seriously people, can't you do better than "Dallas sucks"??? Your team was being beat and the game was over at halftime.

My friend James would agree with me that this game unfolded at we would expect. The defense would give up some yards and some points, but the Cowboys offense would move the ball down the field as they wanted. They would put at least 30 points on the board and win.

What I didn't expect was for them to just about put them all on in the first half.

From some early reading, I still see some Packers fans not giving the Dallas defense any respect. I have yet to understand this. They still have the vision of the Redskins QB throwing for 340 yards and thinking Favre would have a field day. That the Packers would go 4 and 5 wide and complete passes at will. Well, against the Skins, the Cowboys were going to give up the yards to Campbell to stop Portis. That was the game plan. And close to 100 of his passing yards came with 7 minutes left and the Boys up by 12. They were going to let him run the clock down.

So with the Packers last night, I knew that they would going to knock Favre around. The offensive line of Green Bay was not going to be able to keep the Cowboys defense off of him. They would get to him and cause some havoc. Especially if they went to 4 and 5 wide. Seriously, they weren't going to keep Ware or Ellis from getting to their QB. They needed the blockers.

Owens had a decent game. Can't really blame Al Harris for this one. The Cowboys were going to move T.O. around as they did all year. It looked like GB went to zone defense on a number of plays. Should Harris been credited with an interception in the first? Probably, but if the official makes the judgment call, nothing you can do about it.

That is another thing I have yet to understand. Packer fans were giddy about attacking the Cowboys secondary while totally ignoring the deficiency of the own. There was no way they could cover Owens, Crayton, and Witten. None. One of these guy would be open. The beauty of it was the calls by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. He kept Witten hidden until the 4th quarter and then unleashed him and the other tight ends. Well done!

The pass interference call in the fourth quarter was correct. They say it was controversial? Only because the flag came in way late. The defender grabbed and then tripped the receiver preventing him from getting to the ball. The NFL Network guys say they usually don't call that. I don't know, I see it called frequently. It was pass interference.

Other thoughts...McCarthy not going for it on 4th and short and opting for the field goal in the 4th quarter was bad. The Packers were moving the ball and they should have know they couldn't stop the Cowboys offense. Go for it.... Give a game ball to Marc Columbo, Cowboys tackle for having a great game against Aaron Kampmann. Said it before, Kampmann is a stud DE. Stopping him was huge. Love the way Roy Williams stuck Grant in the first quarter. Just before the play I told my friends, "Watch Roy Williams if they run. He will plant Grant!". Oh and did he!.....On the two interceptions that Favre threw, he got nailed. Hit hard with the second causing the injury. Again, you go to 4 and 5 wide, the QB will get punished by a good defense.... I just love watching Marion the Barbarian close out a game for the Cowboys. It is like having your relief pitcher come in... Overheard at the bar, one "fan" happy that Favre was out of the game. And a second saying that Favre sucks and should be done. I thought my friend was going to clock the first guy.

So yes, I am one happy Cowboys fan today. Collected my bet from the bartender as I told him the Cowboys would win by 10. I can collect one of the easiest bets I ever made- that KGB would not get a sack. Don't have to take shit from people at the bar or at work (at least 20 people had to say something about my Cowboys polo shirt). And can enjoy the weekend. There will be no gloating. This is the last of it. Well, except for any morons that talk shit.

In the end, the better team won. Having watched both teams all season, I was confident the Cowboys would be victorious. I will be back at the bar in 2 weeks to watch the rest of the Packers season with all my friend. Life goes on.

One other thing...that barrel didn't seem to last that long last night. It was a good drinking time as well.

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