Friday, November 16, 2007

Dumping trees

It was 30 degrees outside when I left the bar (man that beer tasted good!). It would get a bit colder, dropping into the high 20s. But apparently that wouldn't be the only thing dropping.

I noticed it right away when I walked to the garage this morning. A big clump of bright yellow leaves on my sidewalk. My initial reaction was "Crap! I am going to have to rake again!" Not a big deal.

As I drove down the street, I noticed quite a bit of leaves all over the place. Just about all of them bright yellow. Some cars were covered in them, like some kids came by and tried to bury the vehicle in these leaves. In other spots, there were big piles right underneath the tree.

It was like the trees took a big dump last night, crapping their leaves all over the place. It reminded me of a cartoon where all of the leaves on a tree drop at the same time with a big thud. I pictured this as I drove down by the lake, seeing leaves strewn about. I guess I am not the only one who may be doing some raking.


I also may go out and watch football all day Saturday. I may sit inside and play poker. I may stare at the walls and think about painting them. I may watch movies. I may walk to Berts and get some beer and watch football. I may go to Hooters. I may do absolutely nothing.

Ain't life grand?

Have a good weekend everyone and rock on with your bad selfs!!!

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