Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting silly

Another Sunday night, another sleepless night. This time it was the mac & cheese that was hardening in my stomach. About the smartest thing I did was come into work a bit late today. I may go home and crash on the couch.

At about 2am, I did get up to watch football highlights. I had to see what happened during the Cowboys game. I caught "The Blitz" segment on Sportscenter which seemed pretty lopsided. They showed the first touchdown by the Redskins and then it was all Cowboys and Terrell Owens. You wouldn't have known it was a semi close game by watching the highlights. If was a Deadskins fan- which would mean I am retarded and have no social skills- I would be pissed on what they showed. It kinda looked like this.

I did have a good time at the bar yesterday watching the Packers game. They sit atop the NFC alongside the Cowboys at 9-1. The silliness of it all is coming out. Various wagers are being made, not all of them financial.

I made a bet with Annette covering camping. If somehow the world comes to an end next week Thursday and the Cowboys lose, I won't get to tend the fire during a camping weekend. Sounds easy but that is pretty damn tough for me. I have to let my inner pyromaniac out. But after I win, she will have to set up my tent and get me beer all weekend.

There is another bet I have with the bar owner. $20 straight up. Don't know if he remembers making the bet. We will see next Thursday. I also have $10 saying that KGB doesn't sack Romo. The Cowboys tackles are too good to let that happen.

I also have a tattoo bet out there. Lolita will get a Cowboys star just above her boob after Dallas wins. Should a plague come across the country and the Cowboys drop the game, I would have to get a Packer's "G" on my arm. I still will let her out of this bet though. Her husband Barney was not happy about this wager. He had to get up and walk off his anger. I don't understand why. Every time he makes sweet sweet love to his wife, he can see the Cowboys logo. He gets doubly lucky! But, for the sake of keep a happy marriage together, I am willing to renegotiate that deal. Personally, it is a win-win for me. I don't hate the Pack- hell I an owner!- and already have my Cowboys tat.

I know the wagers are not over yet. Both teams could be 10-1 going in. The Lions should be able to give them some problems this Thursday. They do play well on Thanksgiving and their receivers can get open on the suspect secondary of Green Bay. Oh yeah, I said it. Suspect. A tad overrated. The key will be for them to harass Kitna. If Kampmann has a good day, they will win. If not, don't be shocked for a Lions upset.

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