Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Word of the day

I called someone a kumquat this weekend. Can't recall exactly why I chose that word or why I had called this person that. I ended up marvelling at why it is such a good word.

Look at it. Kumquat.

It just seems like it should be a dirty word. One of those words that a teacher in school would send a note home to your parents detailing what you said in the classroom.

Say it. Kumquat. It sounds dirty. Better if you use an alternative spelling, Cumquat. Now it gets even dirtier. You have Cum and Quat, which rhymes with Twat. That is what makes it look and sound so dirty.

But it gets even better. The definition can be a bit erotic as well: "a small, round or oblong citrus fruit having a sweet rind..." Makes me want a taste.

I say use it as much as you can today. Kumquat is the official word of Wednesday.

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