Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Monday

I can't say how disappointed I was Sunday night. The wind was out of my sales. Suddenly the football season was over, weeks before anticipated. A game that should have been won was lost. The numbers would tell you one story, but the scoreboard, another. And we all know that the final score is all that matters.

I was down most of the day Monday. Took some ribbing from the guys at work. Thankfully there weren't any total assholes coming up to me. I read some of the DMN Cowboys blog to see some player reaction. Had mixed thoughts on that. It was good to hear the Cowboys themselves were very disappointed with their performance. It helps in the healing process.

I was kept busy during the day. The onslaught of work helped me get on with the day. I figured if I avoided ESPN, Around the Horn, PTI and Sportscenter, I would be fine. After working I changed clothes and grabbed a sweatshirt. A Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. I looked at it wistfully and put it on. It felt comfortable. It just felt right. The season may be over, but nothing can take away my team.

One other thing that helped me through the dark times was some nice trashy reality television. Vh1 delivered with the new seasons of Rock of Love and Scott Baio. The Baio show isn't necessarily trashy as it is funny.

But Rock of Love is total trash. Any time you get some rock star claiming his is trying to find true love by using a reality show, you know the golddiggers from the trailer parks and strip clubs are going to come a runnin'. Now, there are some nice looking chicks on the show. But there are some real horses as well. Take for example the French chick, Angelique. This "girl" is butt ugly. I think she was a he. Look at it! That had to be a man at one time and I will be watching the show just to hear the admission that this beast used to be a guy.

I throw up in my mouth just trying to type with this picture being shown. Ugh!

I think the best part is listening to Bret Michaels talk about how beautiful all these girls are. I guess years and years of partying can really take a toll on the old eyeballs.

I am expecting a call from my boss today. I had a nice incident this morning with a coworker. I used some language that may not be totally work approved. It wasn't directed at him but someone at a different company. Oh, I was mad at this guy as well because he was being a total wuss and being pushed around by the other dude. The other dude was just being a prick. The best part is the prick is wrong and is required to supply us with the information we are seeking. He just wants to be a prick and make us go through higher channels to attain the information. Both of these guys need to learn to do their job better.

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