Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My state will change with the weather

I just realized something interesting. Or at least to me. My state of mind and being will change in opposition to the weather. Right now, I am stressed. Quite tense. Sick of the bullshit of babysitting "professionals". Sick of today's deadline and dealing with excuses when the reality is people are simply being lazy. Finished with people who do not real instructions or try to take shortcuts. Done with the stupid people who try to fax their reports to the phone at my desk. Or the morons who send a 20 page document when all they need to send is 3 pages, but whine about how they wanted to make sure I got everything only to have me tell them that they completed a table incorrectly and they need to resubmit JUST THAT PAGE, but they proceed to send all 20 pages for a second time.

But by tonight, I will feel much better. All the stress will be gone. I will be done with this process and all will be good as I drink a couple cold beers and relax.

I will be the exact opposite of the weather today. Right now it is nice out. At least for a Wisconsin winter. 44 degrees, no breeze. A bit cloudy. But that will dramatically change.

As the afternoon drifts on, the temperature will nose dive into the 20s. It will begin to snow. And the wind is expected to pick up. Fierce. Blizzard conditions they say tonight. The wind is expected to get up to 60 mph and blow that snow all over the place. Whiteouts are possible.

Then the temperature will further plummet into the single digits with wind chills in the negatives. Or in layman's language, FUCKIN' COLD WITH A LOT OF SNOW BLOWING ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE!

Ah, welcome to my job and winter in Wisconsin.

Just got another fax from an asshat that cannot follow directions. Stress level rising again.

I should receive a frickin' Oscar for what I do. With every email or phone call I make to these people, I am putting on an act. Instead of saying "Hey moron! Did you read the fuckin' email? Are you that dense that you cannot follow simple instructions?", I have to to say "Just received your fax. Unfortunately, you missed a couple of items. Please take the time to review and remember to list all of the required information. Call me if you need any help." Makes me want to gag sometimes.

I do have the simple solution. Let me have an influence on their compensation. I bet they not only get it right the first time, they get the reports in the very first week. Hit people in their wallet and they respond. Let them cry about how their bonus and raise was less because they didn't submit a report on time. Guaranteed it doesn't happen again.

Hold people responsible for their actions. Or in this case, inactions. We need a lot more of that in this country.

Great, another incomplete report! The end of the day cannot come quick enough for me.

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