Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back in the freezer

The salt I spread out yesterday didn't have much time to work. Snow came in and buried it a couple of hours later. There was more snow yesterday than from the big storm on Sunday. More snow blowed in over night as well.

Now with the cold snap, the ice is back to reclaim the land. Global warming my butt! My yard is now tundra. I am hoping someone doesn't fall on their butt and sue me. There is little that can be done at this temp. Just need to hope for a warm up and a chance to salt and chop the ice.

I have mixed messages on whether there is salt to be purchased. My dad said there was some in Cudahy but people at work who live north of the city say there is none. I don't know if the Home Depot by my house has any or not. I have enough (I believe) to cover the area by the back door of the house in an effort to prevent my lazy tenants from slipping.

I just hope I get the time.

I had some pretty weird dreams last night. I wish I could remember them all. I posted one over here. Of course the one I cannot remember was better. Hopefully it will come to me later today.

Until then, enjoy!

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