Monday, February 25, 2008

Friday beers

I have long been a believer in what I like to call Friday beers. Beers that are not your run of the mill domestics. Hearty beers that add a kick to the system with higher alcohol contents. Call them small batch, crafts, micros, whatever you want. I call them the perfect way to kick off the weekend when work has been Hell.

I found myself enjoying some good beer early Friday evening. I am making a nice habit of starting the night off early at Roman's Pub. With such a nice selection of beers, this makes for a good launch pad for any drinking session. After perusing his beer menu online, I knew what I would be drowning my palate with. It would be the Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale, a beer so new it isn't even on the Rogue Brewery website. Bartender claims he is the only place in the state of Wisconsin to have gotten a barrel and that I would be drinking the very first glass! I expected to hear trumpets announcing the drinking as the glass touched my lips but there was no fanfare. The beer itself was good, but left me confused. At Roman's they have it listed as a dopplebock, but it didn't' taste like ones I have enjoyed. It lacked the full boy of a dopple with no sweet taste afterwards. It was more of an ale than a dopple as claimed. I get the feeling they have it classified incorrectly.

After burying the Dead Guy, I moved onto the next item that caught my eye on the menu. But first, I had to try some whisky that I had noticed on the wall. When I saw this bottle of Buffalo Trace, I racked my brain to why it seemed familiar. Then I remembered. It was recommendation of the Bracelet. He had mentioned it a month or so ago as being a nice whisky, even though it was not the distillery's top brand. I gave the Bracelet a call to verify the Buffalo and whether this stuff was indeed worth the hunt. He gave the thumbs up and I would soon have a sidecar to my next beer.

The Buffalo Trace was pretty good. It has been quite some time since I actually slowly sipped some whisky. There was no slamming a shot back. I took some time and let it roll over the tongue taking in the flavor. Smooth. Quite nice. Thanks Bracelet for the rec. Well done!

The next brew was from a Wisconsin brewery, the Tyranena Brewing Company. I have had their beers before and have yet to be disappointed. That trend would continue as I consumed the Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter, a thick beer that was damn good. You could catch a hint of the whisky from the barrels that store the beer. It was smooth and left you feeling you just had a couple shots.

Those couple drinks would be the start to an enjoyable weekend. I can't say I got much done besides drinking. I had intended to chop some ice off the sidewalk but couldn't open the door to the shed to get the chopping tools. It was frozen to the ground. So I let the sun do the work and hopefully tonight's snow won't make to hazardous for tomorrow.

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