Friday, March 07, 2008

Put him in the Iron Maiden

I was taken aback last night. Yes, aback. I was at the bar talking with the bartender when his kid came in. The conversation turned to a party his kid is going to. An 80s themed party. His dad said all he had to do was get a mullet wig, some tight jeans and a jean jacket and he would be set.

From there I added he needed a black metal shirt as well. Somebody like Ratt or Motley Crue would be fitting. I said that an AC/DC shirt wouldn't cut it because too many dorks wear them now because it is trendy. I then added he could go with an Iron Maiden shirt but after second thought, told him he couldn't pull it off.

His response was "Who the hell is Iron Maiden?"

** blink blink **

Did I just hear that right? No, I couldn't have. He did not ask who Iron Maiden was. No way he has never heard of Iron Maiden. I don't care if he hasn't heard their music- that is bad too- but to never hear of the band? Preposterous!

But then a voice came from the other side of the bar. "You never heard of Iron Maiden?!?! Have you been living under a rock???"

The kid takes a phone call and asks the other person if they had heard of Iron Maiden. The answer apparently is yes when he gives the caller a "fuck you" in return. Now to be fair, the kid listens to country music. But I still find it hard to believe someone who listens to music had never heard of a band that has been banging it out for over 30 years. You could name a slew of country artists that have been playing for that long and I am sure I would know of them.

No wonder I left the bar early. It was that and the brawl I thought might occur that didn't. I thought the karaoke guys were going to get into a fight with the dartball crowd. That would have been entertaining. Seriously, how do karaoke people think they have the balls to pick a fight?

It looks to be a cold weekend. I may have to stop at Berts to stock up. I am hoping the snow talk at the bar was wrong. Someone said we could get 6 to 12 inches of snow by the lake by tomorrow morning. Last think I want is to shovel again. So I may have to hit it up tonight.

Have a good weekend, party like a rock star, and rock on with your bad selfs!


James Wigderson said...

I dunno. Some of those karaoke types can be pretty tough. Did you ever see "The Break Up"?

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

ok i sing at karaoke but i do have to agree that most karaokers (is that a word?) are pussies. but then again if you have the balls to sing like shit in front of people, maybe you have balls to pick a fight with dart geeks.