Thursday, April 24, 2008

How about keep your brat at home day?

I don't know which is worse. Waking up to hear the Dallas Cowboys have acquired rainmaker Pacman Jones or that it is Breeders Take Your Spawn to Work Day*.

The Cowboys didn't give up much to get Pacman. Or so it appears. A 4th round pick this year and a 6th next year. If Pacman does not get reinstated by the NFL, the Cowboys will get that 4th round pick back next year.

Yeah, let's do out best to ignore the reinstatement thing. Let's ignore the person who is paralyzed because of the gunfire in the Vegas strip club. Let's ignore the bribes paid to protect his family.

We are to focus on what he does on the field. A lockdown corner they say. A play maker.

I can't. Most people deserve a second chance. The Cowboys (read Jerry Jones) feel they are invincible when it comes to talented but troubled players. Because they have people in place to work with the players off the field they believe they can turn anyone around. Last I check they are a football team not a rehabilitation center.

I believe one of the Dallas Morning News writers mentioned how many strip clubs are in the Dallas metro area. It was something like 40. Something like 30 in Houston and easily over a hundred in the state. Pacman is a strip club connoisseur. It is his drug of choice. That is way too tempting for him to pass on.

Plus the guy has not played football in a year. Maybe training camp can get him back into shape but football shape? Too much rust there.

Something tells me this trade will turn out terrible. I am actually hoping the NFL does not reinstate him. Then hopefully the Titans stink this year and it becomes a swap of draft picks.

The first wave of breeders and their spawn are downstairs. One coworker is bringing in his kid. Others will go by later in the tour of the building. I am not against kids. Just not in the workplace. I hate it when the mother brings in the baby. Because they are older and can jam chicken fingers in their piehole does not make it much better.

The parent won't get much work done as they need to spend time with their kid throughout the day. Later as the planned events end, the kids usually play on the pcs so nothing is done then either. If anything, the kids make out like bandits as they get a day off from school. Little bastards!

And they will interrupt me from doing any work as they will bring the little snots around introducing them to their coworkers. Hmm....this may work out after all.

Guess I should clean up my desk a bit. Have to set some example.

*Use of breeders and spawn are fully attributed to the late AlCantHang.


BG said...

If I had been in Floyd Reese's shoes, I'd have sat on Pacman and suspended him indefinitely. No trades, no release. I'm kind of irritated that he's getting a second chance.

Hey Jo said...

I love it!! Breeders and their Spawn.

I did not get to bring my dog to work today (altho' take your dog to work day is in June). You could hear the rugrats running around all day. They they leave a mess in the kitchen area and bathrooms.

I also had no Skittles for my mid-afternoon sugar buzz as the vending machine was out of them.