Friday, May 23, 2008


LOB is a baseball term meaning "left on base". As in the Brewers left 14 runner on base and thus lost the game. LOB is an agonizng number. Opportunity lost.

I feel LOB at work today. A three day weekend begins and I am going to be one of those guys working while everyone is driving off to their campgrounds or going to the store to buy their cookout supplies. I do have some items on the agenda so it isn't like I won't be busy but I would rather be one of those people doing anything but work. Come noon, the few people that are here will thin out even more and little will be done. I will leave a half hour early so all is not lost.

Not much is planned for this weekend. Drinking for Jesus will occur but not sure what night. I do have to mow the lawn and spray some weed n feed on it to stop the Creeping Charlie. Every year I spray it on. It works for the season but guaranteed it will be back the following year.

The Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow. I may be one of the few who actually care around here. The Red Wings should be able to take care of the Pens in 6. It should be a good series. Pitt has some good young players, but Detroit has some kids that are just as good if not better. Datsyuk and Zetterberg have been hot. Ozzie has played well in goal and will need to shut down Crosby. Lidstrom though may be key in keeping Crosby from being a factor.

Can I leave yet?

Stock was down 10 cents yesterday. I need it to run so I can buy my grandma a new TV. Seriously. I received a letter in the mail from her yesterday explaining how her TV isn't working right and she cannot live without a TV. are 94 years old and live the first quarter of your life without a TV. Why don't I get you a radio instead? Just kidding. She says she has saved up her pennies and can get one but being the good grandson I am, I will just stop by with a TV for her. Do I go with the 51 in Hi Def model just so she can see it?


pentimento said...

Give your grandma two of them, one for the living room and one for her bedroom.

AletaR said...

You would not believe how many liquor stores are in a block radius in Newport. Score!!!!!

J. Gambino said...

Please raise one under the tent for me!! I mean, please raise a glass of beer at the church festival for me. What you do at home is your business.