Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pics of the Big Apple

The New York Stock Exchange, center of the financial world. In its honor, lets start with the stock update. Up 40 cents. I think my next trip to NYC is being funded.

A sign hanging in the Kilarney Rose, a pub in the finance district. This Irish pub was pretty cool. That is where the bartender, a young lady from Tennessee made the comment "What is Travis Tritt doing with these guys?". Good beer selection. Also a place that Pauly used to frequent when he worked down there. He liked it because the bar had doors on both sides of the block. It made it easy to escape if his boss came in one side, he could exit the other side.

Little Iggys at the Barcelona Bar. Meant to look and taste like Guinness. At least according to the Rooster. Not quite but ok. Also a place where I jammed on some Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Mural on the wall of a parking lot outside of Yankee Stadium. My pics of inside the stadium sucked but this one is cool. All baseball fans can appreciate this one.

Subway pulling up to the stop outside of Yankee Stadium.

Handball! Ok, does anyone understand the rules of this game?

Obligatory subway shot. Riding the subways was very interesting. Great people watching. I was surprised how many people were sleeping in these cars. With all the jostling and noise it would seem to be rather difficult but lots of people snoring away.

I was tempted to buy this "game". Hell with the donkey. Let's pin the boobs on the babe. Taken outside a sex shop in Soho? I think it was Soho. Anyways, it was just after we passed the happy lesbian couple who just got married.

Library fan across the world flock to this plaque honoring the creator of the Dewey Decimal system. This monument is on the building right next door to Tom's Restaurant. You know Tom's, it is the hangout of the gang from Seinfeld. Yeah, I forgot to add that pic.

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