Monday, May 05, 2008

"What is Travis Tritt doing with these guys?"

I was sitting in seat D of the Midwest flight from Newark to Milwaukee, waiting for them to put on the air conditioning. The plane was very warm and getting worse as people got on. The sun had finally shown itself and was blazing through each of the windows making it that more unbearable inside. I had not planned for any weather above 60 so the warm air was a surprise on Sunday. Don't get me wrong. It was nice but not what I expected. Walking around in jeans and t-shirt just wasn't that comfortable, especially when you are hauling a jacket and a bag. By the time we got to the runway it had been 45 minutes in the heat with the AC coming and going. I was pretty sure I stunk even though people around me didn't hold their nose or give me looks.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. Thus I had to chuckle when the Rooster texted about how he was on the train going to a party to finish off the weekend. That is why he is the Rooster.

As anyone who looked at the pics on the previous post can tell, I was in New York this weekend. That map is Manhatten as drawn up by Dr. Pauly. I consider it to be a collector's item, one that I will mass produce into prints and sell because I am a capitalist and I take advantage of artists by giving them beer.

As I walked around the office today, the memories of the weekend still float in my head. I had a great time hanging out with the Rooster, Pauly and his brother Derek. Iggy and GMoney were in from Cincinnati to celebrate the Igster's birthday. It was fantastic time. I am so grateful to have met these people and be able to call them friends. I was happy to jump at the opportunity to see New York and experience the city as Joaquin, Pauly, and Derek have their lives. Anyone can do touristy things there. I wanted to get an idea of what true New Yorkers did. It basically became a tour of the city hitting up interesting spots, walking down streets having little facts pointed out, checking out pubs they used to hit after a hard day at work, checking out Yankee Stadium and riding subways with many different races, religions, people from all over. Truly an experience that I won't forget. One that I will readily do again, especially with this group of characters. Seriously, how often do you walk into bar and have the bartender wondering "What is Travis Tritt doing with these guys?" Just one of the many things that had us laughing during a fun weekend.

More of a trip report later. I have some pics I can post. I realize I may have to get a new camera. One that isn't as bulky and takes better pictures.

Stock update: The stock bounced up on Thursday. I was hoping it would shake some people out on earnings allowing those who know potential to jump on in. The company makes a product that is innovative, changing the way some things are done. I have a friend whose sister's husband is involved in the field. After hearing stories of the demand for just his services, I knew this company had a chance to be a winner. Then again, that can be said of many companies. Bottom line is I was happy the stock jumped 70 cents. Would have been nice for it to close at the highs of the day (up 12%) but that doesn't really matter as I cannot sell (locked into a holding period) and take a profit even if I wanted to. From what I seen on Friday, the stock fell 14 cents. No biggie there. It is having a nice day today. I would say how much but I don't want to jinx it.


donkeypuncher said...

Travis Tritt - that is just too damn funny.

Dr. Pauly said...

Had a blast!

OMW said...

I dfon;t get it. Are you supposed to be TT??? Cause you don't look anyhthing like TT.