Monday, June 16, 2008

I can be forgiven

It was a strange Saturday. Plan was to watch the Brewers game and then go Drink for Jesus. Plans can change as it did on Saturday. As I sat at the bar watching the game my friend showed up. Said his stomach wasn't so good but he would see how he felt later. We had a couple beers before deciding to head up to the church after the game was over. One bad play later, it appeared we weren't going anywhere. A couple outs later we would be experiencing extra innings. Jesus and his beers would have to wait.

The Brew Crew would lose in 12 after the game should have been over in the 10th. Fielder is denied a home run and they drop the game a couple innings later. My friend's stomach would not get any better and he would leave when the game was over. It left me in a bit of a conundrum. Go to the festival and spend maybe 45 minutes there before it closed or stay at the bar and drink. The bar was getting too warm inside. The owner has decided that he and only he can turn on the air conditioning. The place felt like a sweatbox and it was only 83 degrees inside. People are complaining and leaving while he thinks he is saving a couple of bucks. I would join the crowd and call it a night just past 11. Having been caught in no mans land I believe I can be forgiven for not hitting up the church festival. I will just have to down a couple extra over the summer to make up for it.

Being watching The Wire on DVD lately. Such a good show, I don't understand why I wasn't watching it when it was on HBO. I did learn one thing. It may not be the show to watch on a plane. Coming back from Vegas I pulled out the DVD player to watch. The episode I had began with Omar, the gay Robin Hood of the show, talking with his boy in their room. Soon I would have two black men making out on the screen. Shit! I wonder if the lady in 24E glanced over at the screen at the wrong moment. Either way, I would rather not have anyone thinking I was watching black gay porn on a plane. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Stock update: Friday looked like it would be an ugly one. Downgrade in the morning followed by heavy selling. Things changed in the afternoon and the stock was down only 9 cents on the day. The afternoon strength is a good sign but with it being a Friday it won't help much. Holding period ends this week and I can sell next week if I choose. I may do that as I see another stock in prime buying range. Just under 15, it should migrate right back to 19-20. And since Grandma has decided she doesn't want a new TV anymore, I can play with the cash some more. Believes the old one will do her fine since she figured out she screwed it up somehow. But now she is worried about the new digital signal. I will have to stop by to explain it to her. From what I have heard, the digital boxes they are selling are actually some damn good antennas.

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