Thursday, July 10, 2008

Foot down

When I woke up this morning I noticed the pain in my foot right away. It was the left foot. On the side. Side of the ball of the foot to be exact. It wasn't discolored but it hurt. When I got out of bed and put some weight on it it hurt even more. WTF?

I rattled my brain to recall what I did last night. smashing of my foot occurred so what the hell is going on? I have no clue what it feels like a deep bruise right now but it sure is annoying. Worse yet, walking around in dress shoes all day won't make it feel any better.

I am in no mood to be at work today. I had too good of a time at the bar last night even though I left early. The meeting that was scheduled for late in the day has me a bit pissed. 11 hour work days are not my glass of beer. Thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow but still. People on the west coast need to be aware of the work hours in the Midwest. If only I could have denied the meeting but I couldn't.

Drunken stupidity in Chicago is on tap for the weekend. The highlight will be a baseball game overlooking the crappy stadium on the north side. It is a unique baseball experience. Sadly it is in relation with a team I despise. But it is baseball and I can always root for the Giants. Should be a great time and it all you can drink beer so I feel I am already ahead.

I did find the squabble between Obama and Jesse Jackson funny. Jesse wants to cut his nuts off because Obama speaks of black parents being responsible for their children and their own actions and feels Obama is talking down to black people. Funny, I don't see anything wrong with their stance. Jackson rather place blame on everyone else because it keeps his status as a black leader. It does nothing to help anyone but himself.

In the past, Jackson has accused Obama of "being white". Now if someone accused a white person of "being black", there would be a reaction and someone's head would roll. In this case it is nothing. Why? Because face it. Obama is white. He isn't black. He has a white mother and black father (from Kenya). He was raised by his white grandparents. In Hawaii. He is as much of a brother as I am.

Don't worry. His campaign will still play the race card to their advantage. So much for Hope and Change.


J. Gambino said...

I watched JJ doing the "Backpedal Mambo" on the Today Show this morning. That guy is always good for laughs. Funny, Obama is getting guff like Cosby did from Mr. Kane when Bill was in Milwaukee speaking.

AletaR said... said "black"