Friday, September 12, 2008

Where ever my mind roams

Being in the office after a road trip seems quite boring. Make it a Friday and it becomes even worse.

My mind is racing about on different items. Just spent a couple hours on catch up for being out for only a day. Just got some tickets to see Metallica in January. The new disc is pretty good. Takes a while to get a feel for it but after one listen it kicks up a notch and you notice the quality of the songs. Personal favorite right is Cyanide. Suicide and Redemption & All Nightmare long are a close second. Interesting note is the friends I will be joining for the show. Simply put, I think they have no clue what they are in for. A taste for them even though the video doesn't truly reflect the energy from the crowd nor how loud it is. 20,000 people chanting DIE is a rush!

I have a party to hit up tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much to push everyone inside. I may do some shopping for new furniture before I begin drinking. I am looking at getting a new couch/love seat or a couch/big chair with ottoman, or couch/recliner. Not sure whether to get a micro fabric or leather yet though everyone insists that leather is much better. I may not know until I get to a some stores and start looking around.

The downside of leather is the sound. The last thing I need is to bring a lady back for some loving just to turn her off by sitting down on a leather couch and hearing a farting noise from the couch. So my goal is to find a leather couch that doesn't make a farting sound when you sit on it.

Rock on with your bad selfs. And remember...DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE....

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AletaR said...

Unless you buy a really cheap leather couch you should not have a problem with farting noises when moving around. Of course once you get to the de-clothing stage you may want to play the gentleman and whisk her off to your bedroom.