Monday, December 01, 2008

Air hockey and snow

I heard that familiar scraping just after 5 this morning. That sound that confirmed winter is here and that snow had fallen. I had been up an hour earlier surveying the damage outside. The forecast was for anywhere between 3 and 8 inches of snow. When I got outside it was maybe an inch. In fact, at times I was shoveling more leaves than I was snow. Chalk one up for laziness and not getting the second raking in before the snow.

As I watched the football game at the bar I kept an eye on the weather outside. It snowed on and off throughout the day but nothing was sticking to the ground. I had figured I would shovel before going to bed but when that time came around it was just wet outside. Score one for sleep!

That was a good thing because I was tired. I stayed at the bar longer than I had wanted. The plan was to leave shortly after the game ended, go food shopping, and watch the Amazing Race. That plan fell to the wayside when a buddy of mine texted me about helping him cut up some deer. He bagged two of them this weekend and was ready to carve them up. I have wanted to watch the process and figured if he would call after the game I would go over and help. That call never came.

The call that did come was the air hockey challenge. I had my air hockey prowess questioned so I had to defend my honor. After disposing of my first opponent, a number of others wanted in on the action. Funny how that happens in a bar. One game leads to many, many more. I defeated my second opponent in a closer game before getting whupped by the chick. I went down and not in a good way. I got my clock cleaned and with tail between legs went to buy shots. I was told that I had played her differently, that I had taken it easy. I watched as she lost the next game to the guy I had beaten. I developed a game plan for the next time I would play her.

My air hockey style is simple. I love the equivalent of the slap shot. Hit hard and fast right down the pipe. Few bank shot attempts. Move the puck around before crushing it right down the middle.

I couldn’t believe my friend was even daring me to go for the easy shot. His pride would get the best of him and he would purposely leave his goal open, challenging me to take the one wide open shot.

I scored every time.

I would proceed to win 4, lose 2 and get a nice bruise on my knee from leaning into the table. It was a good way to let off some steam before the snow would hit.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

AletaR said...

You forgot about "The Little Drummer Boy"