Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random guy advice

Question posed from lady friend:
Went out to lunch at local pub. Had their wings and a sandwich called a Wiseguy. The wings were good. Nice and messy. But I could not finish them. The sandwich was a Italian Sausage patty on French bread w/light marinara, mozzarella and red peppers. Man, that was yummy, but I could not finish it. Is it wrong to bring my leftovers home for Ben’s dinner?

Interesting pickle you find yourself in. You want to share a tasty meal with him but also do not want it to look like you are tossing him scraps or something you were chowing on. The answer for the wings is easy. Yes, you give him the wings. The sandwich is slightly different. How much sandwich is left? Was it cut in half? Is it a clean half that he would get? But I digress.

The answer is extremely simple. Guys will eat anything. You could bring home a quarter of a sandwich with your bite marks all over it, warm it up by holding it down under an armpit and we would still eat the sandwich. Then complain that there wasn't enough. And then want sex.

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AletaR said...

Bring them home..I do and Barney eats them. I am not a leftover person and he is.