Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It was man vs. bath tub drain last night. I guess the drain won round number 1 as I was not able to successfully get the clog cleared. Problem was I was not able to utilize all of the weapons in my arsenal. I had a plan of attack that would guarantee victory. Try to plunge it from the tub first. If that didn’t work try to slide the snake in and do the job. If neither of those worked I could go in from behind via the access panel and undo the trap.

Options one and two did not work. I didn’t expect that to be successful. My tenants keep having problems with the tub because they do not keep the strainer in the drain. The hair goes down and a year later there are problems. I told the old man that if this happened again they were going to have to pay the plumber to take care of it. But he had to go up and die on me so I am stuck one more round.

I wasn’t able to take the trap off last night because to get into the area you need to move the refrigerator. To move the fridge you have to move the stove. They had the oven on when I was working up there so I couldn’t move the stove thus putting it all off for one more night. That gave me time to play Rock Band 2 and make the decision that Judas Priest’s Painkiller is the absolutest bestest song on Rock Band of all time.

I couldn’t help but notice the apartment didn’t look that great when I was up there. There was stuff all over the place. The kitchen was loaded with dishes on the counters. I couldn’t help but wonder when the last time they cleaned it was. The bathroom wasn’t much better. It did make me want to take the time to get it remodeled. I dare not think of what the other rooms may look like now. I may have to make an inspection in the spring.

My only hope is the trap comes off easily and the ball of hair is exactly where I believe it to be. Keeping my fingers crossed….

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AletaR said...

Yesterday must have been annual clogged drain day...J, You and me all in one day.