Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who needs cat toys?

So I came home from the bar yesterday a bit hungry. A beer and some summer sausage sounded like a great idea. So I popped open a Lite and grabbed a knife and the garlic summer sausage from the refrigerator. I sat down by the pc to play some poker and started carving off pieces of the summer sausage. Yes, that is how guys eat when no one is around. We don't stand in the kitchen at a cutting board making cute little discs. We cut a piece and eat right off of the knife. (Insert manly grunt here).

I notice when I cut into the summer sausage that my cat came running out of another room. WTF? I took a piece of the skin/casing and dangled it in from of him. He went bonkers! I took it away and he got mad. Give him another sniff and he was ecstatic. Take it away and he was annoyed. It was like I found the substitute for catnip.

Who needs cat toys when Johnsonville makes garlic summer sausage. Maybe I will toss the rest of it on the floor for him to play with.


AletaR said...

Thanks for the hint! Next time Barney takes off for the basement with knife and garlic summer in hand I'll know what's going on.

James Wigderson said...

You use a knife? Just peel back the casing and eat.