Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anticipating DfJ

It feels like a Friday at work. Lots of people have the day off tomorrow to extend their 3 day weekend into 4. I can't get a day off to save my life. I tried to get next Friday off but was denied because of certain things going on at work. My next day off is over a month away. I wouldn't be shocked if I suddenly had to work that day too. But for now I will enjoy my 3 day weekend once I make it through today.

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of the Drinking for Jesus Tour. I look to head down to Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday to check out the Rhythm Method and drink lots of beer. All for the church that is. I am a giver, not a taker. This church festival is one of the nicer ones. Plenty of room, good people working, reasonably priced beer. Throw in good music and it makes Drinking for Jesus even better.

I am not going to comment on how the government wants to tax us for every thing we drink. I don't want to rant on about how idiotic this is. They need to stop telling us how to live our lives, what to drive, what to drink, what to eat.

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