Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Egyptians or Cavemen?

I noticed the markings on Sunday. I stood in the parking lot staring at them for some time. Even tried to take a picture but they weren't heavy enough. I don't know who made them or what they mean. I don't know when it was done or where.

The markings are on the left rear fender of my car. The car itself isn't that dirty but apparently dirty enough for someone to draw on it.

Is it a message? Is it someone being funny? What the hell does it mean?

I should get some paper and a pen. Actually crayon would be the better tool here as they are pretty crudely drawn. If memory serves me correctly, the images drawn are:

rock or club (as in a card), a star, a sad face, a finger (not "the finger"), and possibly the horns (\m/).

It looks like the work of a caveman. Or an Egyptian but I am leaning towards caveman. I wonder where the caveman came that drew this. It is like some Neanderthal is telling me I am not a rock star and they are sad by this. That is the best translation I have. I will have to copy it down and post it.

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AletaR said...

At least your's was drawn on and not painted on. We had a figure with horns also.