Monday, May 18, 2009

Where there is smoke...

Where there is smoke, there is probably me setting my kitchen on fire. Or that is what it seemed like yesterday. No, there were no flames. Just a lot of smoke from the rib fat that I accidentally poured out of the pan into the hot oven. I didn't realize I had done that much until after my kitchen had clouded up. Worse part was I let the ribs cook too long. Edible but not great. It was a cruddy end to a pretty good weekend.

Brewers won 2 games in St. Louis with the rainout to be completed tonight. On the broadcast they mentioned that Milwaukee has beaten the Cardinals 8 of the last 9 times they have met. That seems amazing. The Cards have been the class of the Central for so long. A great organization that usually kicks the Brewers around. Good to be doing the kicking for once.

The Gladiator MMA fights on Saturday night were pretty good. Most of them were amateur bouts, thus the skill sets weren't the best. One guy kept trying for a triangle choke but could never lock it in. There was some windmilling and some of the matches were short. The fights were entertaining. Watching a guy take a high kick to mush in person and falling like a tree in the forest is amazing. About the only thing we didn't see was a bloody fight.

One kid in particular stood out. Not sure of his name as I lost the match listings but I think it was Ryan Mendez. He looked like a younger version of Urijah Faber. He was quick and easily had skills that stood out. His opponent didn't stand a chance. Can't wait to see this kid fight again.

After the fights my buddy had to check out the gentleman's club. Since our fight tickets got us free entry, I couldn't say no. I enjoyed talking to the lesbian girls that sat next to us at the stage. I am not sure why one of the bit my left nipple. I just wished the brunette had.

Finally, can someone explain this to me. A story in the paper today has a lawyer wanted a judge to excuse himself because he is tough on criminals. He is complaining that the judge enforces the law? WTF?

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