Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lets help keep stupid people away from trains.

I could rant on about how the Democrats and Governor Doyle just raised your taxes and the price of gas on us but I will let the Wig go ahead and do that. Instead I am going to dance along the edge of assholedness and criticize people who were just about killed in an accident. I am happy the mother and the infant survived but from how I read the story, they put themselves in danger and are trying hard to blame someone else for their own stupidity. So call me an asshole for pointing this out but this is bothering me and has me somewhat flabbergasted.

Here is the story.
Cars past tracks halted abruptly - Vehicles stopped to let people out before train hit, mother says
The woman who was trapped on Elm Grove railroad tracks with her toddler son on
the way to a Memorial Day parade said Wednesday that vehicles ahead of her
stopped without warning so passengers could get out and grab lawn chairs and
Seconds later, a 94-car freight train slammed into her vehicle.

Horrifying. I kinda feel sorry that a mother and her toddler got hit by a train. Kinda. Once again the question is raised, how do you get hit by a train nowadays without it being the result of your own stupid actions?

This story starts with them trying to pass the blame onto someone else. Not my fault, I wouldn't have been hit if they didn't stop ahead of me. Uh..ok. But what idiot stops on train tracks?
She said four vehicles were in front of him - with none in front of them.
"If we were five minutes ahead, this still would have happened" to whoever was stuck behind the four vehicles, she said after a news conference Wednesday. "It would have just happened to someone else."

Not necessarily. Again. What idiot stops on train tracks? Especially when they know a train is coming!!!

(the husband) who was released Tuesday after spending 16 days at Froedtert, said he heard the gates coming down and was able to move his car, carrying two of his children, forward to avoid the gates.

Ok, his vehicle is in front of hers. He hears the gates coming down and moves forward to avoid the gates. His vehicle had to be on the tracks when the bells and lights started going off. His being on the tracks can be attributed to traffic. What is her excuse for moving forward onto the tracks? By her own husband's recollection of what happened, she could have only moved forward after the train was coming, thus putting herself between a gate and the bumper on the vehicle in front of her, which is her husband's.

She put herself in front of a moving train.

Another question, why didn't the husband get out of the way? It doesn't mention if there is traffic to the left and right of him. Why doesn't he plow the car ahead of him in an eff or to go left or right and clear a path for her to drive forward?

In the end a police officer helps out and gets his legs broken. We are lucky to have people like that in the world to protect stupid people from pulling on to tracks when a train is coming. I wonder if the cop thinks about this and wonders about how dumb these people are.

So how does this rank on the asshole meter? Have I secured my spot on the bus to Hell?

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