Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My nothing vacation

It is extremely rare I take a vacation with nothing planned. I like to have an idea of what I am going to be doing with my time. It doesn't need to have every hour on a schedule. I just need to be doing something. Laying around the house waiting for something to happen is not my idea of a good time.

So with a week off and no where to go I had to find something to do. I made a bit of a checklist of things to get done during the day. If I wanted to trek off to Summerfest at night is was easily doable. So in no particular order, here is what I am planning to get done this week. Or at least make some kind of effort:

Mow the lawn
Clear out last of crap in spare bedroom
Flip mattress
Change light in garage
Paint bathroom (if I am feeling really ambitious)
Clear out some brush in backyard
Read a book. Or two. Just about finished with Check Raising the Devil. Have a couple Harlan Coben books to digest.

I have a couple things done on the first day. Hey, any monkey can flip a mattress or change a light bulb. That reminds me, I must pick up some bananas.


BamBam said...

Missing from list.....


But I like to assume that they are a given.



AletaR said...

When you run out of things to do at your house , I also have a list for over at my house.