Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weed wackin'

I am done bitching about the city. For now at least. I did not have the time to write a letter to my alderman last night as I was running around getting things done. One of those things was to get some oil and gas for the trimmer. The city has me in fear of them now. Since they have the right to come and fine me at will and will not allow me to defend myself unless I pay for the privilege, I had to make sure I went around and cleaned up anything that might be a weed. I may have taken out the neighbors flowers but I had to. I am not willing to chance anything.

Except for running out of gas and have the trimmer line go as well. By the time I got this done it was dark so I still have work to do. Hopefully it doesn't rain and I can go around destroying the natural environment around me. Maybe I should take that tact in my letter. That I was helping the environment by not adding pollutants to the air I was helping Mother Earth and preventing global warming.

Yes, that is it. Fear about the city taxing me more and helping the environment. Someone get me a tree to hug!

Ever notice what a bitch a weed wacker is? Trying to restring these things is a great test of patience. I have done it before but not without really knowing what the hell I was doing. I would just wrap the string around the spool and jam the spool back on. When the line would not feed out I would stop the machine, undo the spool and pull some out. Now that I actually learned how to string the thing (you must string it in the direction the spool says and stop where the line indicates) I may not have any problems with it. In fact, I can't wait to go all Godzilla on Tokyo on the lawn tonight. Hell, I may just walk on down the street doing every lawn on the block.

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Hey Jo said...

I hate weed wackers... I'm on my third one this season. The first one never started this season, second was brand new and would never start. Third one, starts but the string thing never auto advances. I swear I'm just going to round-up the grass that should be trimmed so I don't have to worry about it.