Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Favre from the truth

Watching Packer fans wail about Brett Favre being a Viking has been quite amusing. With the man playing for another team, they have not only taken him down from the pedestal they planted him firmly on as the best QB in the world EVAH!, they have gone and smashed him altogether.

They say they don't care. They will say they will recall him leading the team to a Super Bowl victory. They will say they didn't watch the Vikings game last night but they tuned in to watch him once again, probably cheering when he was sacked. They will say quite a number of things. Now most of them are pretty nasty.

The bitterness has settled in. One rock station in Milwaukee is taking every shot they can. Most of it is pretty pathetic too. The Hog has decided to make Favre bashing part of their marketing plan. One DJ bashes his as a lead in to his show. The tart they have to represent the station calls him a drama queen in a commercial. One of the morning show's guys calls him a liar while the other says 'douchebag' every time his name is mentioned.

I think it is spreading on to others now. There is a Harley bike rally this weekend. One place is having a Favre jersey burning. They are encouraging people to toss their #4 jerseys into the fire. I wonder how many people will listen and actually throw "the legend's" jersey into the flames?

I also wonder if Brett Favre's steakhouse is still open in Green Bay? The one in Milwaukee closed years ago. Bad food and crappy service is doom for a restaurant.

I made my usual blood donation today. Things went smoothly and it didn't take too long. Even with the lady putting the needle in my arm and yo yoing it around for a bit. There was a bit of pain at one point but it went away. In fact, the most pain I felt was from Kelly Clarkson. I had a speaker right by my head and had her song blaring into my year. That was painful. It had me wondering if they could take the rest of my donation as it dripped from my ear.

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