Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday beer talk

I was out of work late yesterday. Being a tad tired it meant that some good beer was in order. Knowing I still had the kids in the fridge, it was about time to set them free. With very little on the agenda at work, being sluggish on a Friday was not a concern, especially with the boss on vacation.

I started with Unibrou's La Fin du Monde. That translates to "The End of the Earth". If I was drinking a lot of this triple ale I am sure the next morning would feel like the world had ended. It was a good beer. Strong, but good. It seemed dry with a kick at the end.

Quiz time: How many Floyds does it take to make a damn good beer?

Anyone? Bueller?

Who said 3? Correct. Next was the 3 Floyds Brian Boru, a red Scottish ale. This went down well. The beer was full bodied with a complex character. The flavor drifted around. I thought I might cry when I finished this because I really wanted another.

After downing the the 3 Floyds I had to make a decision. Pop open the Stone Russian Imperial Stout, the Cherry Lambic, or downsize to the Stone Pale Ale. I went with pale ale route as I didn't want to drink the cherry juice and would save the RIS for tonight after work. I think it was the wise choice.

This weekend I will be participating in the Susan Komen walk in honor of my good friend Annette. Not too keen on being up early on a Sunday but it is a great cause. Plus because it is all about the breasteses, I am allowed to just stare at boobs all morning, right? I think I should be checking out every rack around, if not even complementing women who are absolutely rackariffic. I can't see how I can be wrong doing this.

Speaking of booze, here is guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax tale of his relationship with booze. I may have to toss back a Black Tooth Grin tonight.

Words of wisdom for the weekend brought to you by Steven Tyler:
The buzz that you be gettin' from the crack don't last
I'd rather be' on the crack of her ass

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