Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clown shoes

I am not sure why I didn't notice when I first bought them. I had bought a new pair of casual loafers for work. My old pair was quite old. Ten years I think. When you wear something maybe once or twice a week they can last that long I guess. I decided a couple weeks back that it was time to replace the raisin colored footwear and gets something new. Yes, that was the technical name for the shade of the shoes. Raisin.

I went with some of the fashionable slip ons. They were comfortable and everyone once in a while I want to kick them off at work while I am at my desk. The one thing I hadn't noticed until I had them at home was they didn't narrow at the toe. They were rounded off. When I walked out the door it was then that I felt like I was wearing clown shoes. Now I know that clown shoes are quite comfortable.

There is a commercial that is puzzling me on TV. People in a bar are having a good time wolfing down chicken wings. They mention some guy as being the King of Wings or something. I am assuming the bar is his restaurant. As everyone is chowing down they make an announcement that Pizza Hut supplied the wings. People are shocked- SHOCKED I SAY!- that Pizza Hut made the wings.

Am I missing something? They are only wings. I know a lot of places that make good wings. But no place makes the ultimately best wings that I would swear off every other place. So for Pizza Hut to be making wings is not a big deal. Maybe the shock was they weren't making those really bad wings they used to. Those were horrendous. I am leading to the thought the happiness was actually shot after they announced people would be eating for free if they consented to being in the commercial.

I have had the Pizza Hut wings. They are good. Better than what some places serve. The sauce was uneven on them which is never acceptable. They are also on they expensive side. Plus they did mess up my innards a bit. I don't think I will be getting them again any time soon. Especially if I am not at home. I wouldn't want to damage a friend's toilet.


Mick said...

Hooters wings are totally overrated.

AletaR said...

You cracked me up with the clown shoes. Maybe you can get a gig in the Christmas parade.