Friday, October 16, 2009

Teeth still doing well

I think my dentist has it pretty easy. Unless I need some serious work done, her assistant handles the routine work. That is how it was yesterday. Sit in the chair and answer the usual questions about if any teeth are giving me a problem. No problems for me to report. She takes a look at my history and says this shouldn’t take long. Tells my dentist she won’t be needed when the doc pops her head into the room. I am in and out in no time flat.

I wonder if the hygienist just wanted to be done for the day. I was the last appointment on the docket. Though I was told she was running about 20 minutes late it ended up being only 10, a length I didn’t really notice. She didn’t skimp around while poking and scraping around my teeth. She took her time to wish her fellow employees a good night or weekend, even making fun of one of them.

Maybe I have gotten used to this routine. I laid back, opened my mouth, and just relaxed. I could feel her mapping my gum line, pausing to take little notes. I knew she would be scraping the back wisdom teeth, an area that is hard for me to get with the toothbrush. She does a little scraping on the front teeth which get stained from my coffee intake. Soon enough the polishing begins followed by the flossing and I am walking out with a toothbrush and the small tube of toothpaste.

Usually when I leave the dentist I can walk a block down to the pub to drink beer. My reward for keeping my teeth healthy. Instead I had to drive to the liquor store to get some beer for my boss. Downside of working with the new women on the team is that they think he should get something for Bosses Day. I hate made up holidays but if there is some beer involved I can get by. But it is rough to spend $40 on beer and not be able to indulge in its tasty goodness. I had to leave it in my car to make sure I didn’t pop a bottle open. I would have enjoyed the Arrogant Bastard or Sofia but had to let it be. Guess I am finally maturing.

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