Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is beyond crabby?

If I was crabby yesterday, I wonder what I am today. The day has not started off well. I need to make a final push to collect reports from about 40 people. Last night someone took my tracking spreadsheet and deleted 80% of the data. In their effort to verify who on their team needed to submit a report, they wiped out the other information and saved the sheet. All is not lost. I have IT working on reinstituting a version from yesterday but it throws me way behind schedule for today. Not good.

I heard an interesting comment on the radio the other day. The claim was the government could have spent the money used to bail out banks via TARP to pay mortgages of less than $400,000 and provided a major boost to the economy. The theory is that people would have taken the money saved and spent it. Whether it would have been home furnishings, home improvements, cars, whatever, they would have used their new found savings to make their lives better.

Then I saw this video last night.

I won't be holding my breath for a Vespa. I rather have my house paid off. And it wouldn't take 400k.

And yes, TARP was a Bush policy. He let Bernanke and Paulson do whatever was needed to save the economy. Did it work? Kinda. But it would be better to think outside the box and think what else could have happened.

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