Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another weird dream

I am not sure what amazed me more this morning. Was it the truck that ignored the sheriff for 2 miles as the popo tried to pull him over or the Dodge Omni that was sporting the collector plates?

It is a tough call. The truck's infraction was for going over a bridge with too much weight. The highway patrol car caught up and tried to get him over but the driver ignored him. Even with blights blinking and sirens blaring, the driver didn't see or hear the cop? I found it interesting that the sheriff stayed behind the truck at all times. He did get behind the trailer at an angle that the driver had to see him in the mirrors but he never did drive ahead and motion him to pull over. Now I wonder if the truck driver got a huge ticket.

On the other hand, you put collector plates on a baby blue Dodge Omni? WTF? You are bragging you drive a dumpy little car from the early 80s? You think this car is gonna get you laid?
I have to go with Dodge Omni on this one. Baffling that one is still on the road and running. More baffling is the collector plate.
Speaking of baffling, I had another very weird dream the other night. I am not going to get into all the gory details because it was too weird for me to comprehend. The gist of it was that I was taking a crap in a toilet that was housed in top drawer of a filing cabinet. At work. It was only after I had begun that I noticed the doors that were supposed to give me some privacy were gone. When I decided to hop down I wiped and flushed the toilet only to realize that the bowl was filled with filed folders and the toilet was now overflowing all over the place.
I think this dream was in reaction to a project at work that has taken a turn for the worse for me. Some lazy mofos out East aren't doing the work and now I am being sucked in. It means I need to pull files on my end for data entry. I think the dream is my reaction. I would rather shit all over the task rather than do it.
Just another day in the life.

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