Friday, November 06, 2009

Fear of the cleaning lady

I am not sure why I am at work today. The calendar is clear for the day. I don't have as much to do as I did last month. So why am I here today? I could have taken the day off but didn't.

I think I am in fear of my cleaning lady. No, not scared of her but I don't feel comfortable when she is cleaning my house and I am there. Typically I vacate the premises when she does her job. I feel like a lazy SOB watching TV while someone is doing work I could do. Sure I am paying her for the service but I still feel uncomfortable like I should be doing part of the work. It is like I have told people before. It isn't like I can't clean, I just don't really know how.

Plus she has been sick lately. She hasn't been able to shake the affliction. It is another reason to not be at home today. Weak but a reason I say!

I would take a half day but if I was going to do it right I would have stayed home and slept in. She will be there in the afternoon so taking the afternoon off does me little good.

Unless I go to the bar. Hmmm.... I think I may have answered my own question.

Southwest Air has begun to fly out of Milwaukee this month. AirTran recently expanded service from the city as well. Sadly that leaves Midwest scrambling to stay alive. Many people are expecting big fare sales because of the competition. Sure it will happen at first but how long will it last?

I am hoping the battles can continue until at least next year. I could easily see flying up to Minneapolis for the Sunday Brewers game. Arrive an hour or two before the game, take the train to the stadium (assuming the train will go by the new place like it did at the dome) and fly out after the game.

I even check about going down to Dallas this year for a Cowboys game. Flight schedules to Big D are not as flexible as to the Twin Cities so that was a bust. But I do intend to get a day trip in there somewhere if the flight prices stay low.

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