Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy than a terrorist making a recruitment video

It has been a busy 2 day stretch at work. Won't be much easier today. Beside being bogged down with my own responsibilities I am reaching out and helping others. I don't mind all the work but I know in the end I won't get any credit for the support I have given. For some it is the money. For others it is the recognition of a job well done.

Still trying to get over the Vegas hangover and back to my life. Some funny stuff gets said in the desert. People make up names and backgrounds while bullshitting people. Some of these lines gets posted on the internet at later times. When I was reading a friend's recap, I stumbled across something I said at the Geisha Bar inside the Imperial Palace. Not quite sure what prompted me to say it but I did and further not sure how the hell Derek remembered it.
My third kid Potsie is pissed about his name. But I named all my kids after
characters from 70's and 80’s sitcoms.
Makes me laugh as I type this.

Before I get back to work I have to get something out of my system. The president wants to close Guantanomo Bay and move around 100 terrorists to Illinois. ABC News' Jake Tapper asked the White House about the move and their spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, points out that Gitmo has been used in more than 30 Al-Qaida recuritment videos and that closing it will help in stopping that. I normally would have said helping in the War on Terror but this administration does not recognize that.

But lets focus on this whole video thing. Does the president really believe that closing Gitmo makes everything better? That terrorists suddenly stop making recruitment videos? I beleive the neophyte does. He is preaching about your insulating your house instead of helpig the economy. He, like other liberals, do not understand that it is not the place but the people they are prisoners they are talking about. They make it sound like they won't make videos of the facility in Thomsen Illinois. How chilling would it be to see a recruitment video with fresh footage shot in the United States? Personally I would like to see an old video used with a dub over. Arabic speaking with a noticeably different Thomsen spliced in over what used to be Guantanomo Bay. Like watching Bachelor Party on TBS. Voices change all over that movie.

The people of Thomsen aren't too concerned. They want more jobs for a town that is dying a slow death. They may allow themselves to be a target just for the money.

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