Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The resurging leaf pile

I never know what I am going to get when I log into blogger at work. I may get a normal screen with all the bells and whistles. I may get an error laden screen with a scrunched up text box. I may get normal text box but with no ability to add links or change fonts. But today I got a nice big gap between the title and the text box with no ability to link. Interesting to say the least.

My leaf pile has taken on a life of its own. What took me an hour to collect up and put in the street soon became a sad little mess with all the rain we got last weak. The once big, ominous pile became a soggy clump as the water bogged it down. That changed yesterday when the city leaf people came by. They mananged to collect all the leaves from the block and dump them by me. The sad little pile is now about 5 feet tall and 6 feet around. That also meant some of the leaves ended back on my lawn. What are the chances one of the city's leaf guys actually rakes it back into the pile when they come by with the truck to collect them? The Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning another game this year than that happening.

I placed my order for a Mac yesterday. Went with a 15" MacBook Pro. I found some money I had kinda forgotten about from my poker blog and figured this was as good as anything to use it on. Now I need to make a decision on getting a wireless router set up at home or switching my cable to AT&T U-verse which seems to use converter boxes that set up the house for a wireless network. It would get me away from the mistakes that Time Warner keeps making and on a system that some friends rave about. If I can bundle it with my cell bill and come out better then I will have to make the move. I should have the laptop by Thursday and am quite excited. Now I need to find a way to move files- mostly music- to the new machine. I probably should buy an external hard drive to get that done since I intend to use the old pc for some functions.

This is the point I would do a spell check but that feature is not on my screen. Oh well.

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