Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why so angry?

I didn't wake up angry. I was a bit sluggish this morning after sucking down high alcohol beers last night but I wasn't angry. It wasn't the snowfall either. There was a couple of inches out there that had to be cleaned up. Heavy wet snow, my favorite.

It was when the Snowbuster 220 konked out on me that my anger began to brew. The thing ran for about 7-8 minutes before it stopped and wouldn't run again. I could fire it up but it would slowly go off. Snowbuster my ass! I am ready to give up on small snow throwing machines. I should get me the biggest baddest mother fuggin snow blower I can find. Hell I should buy the Bobcat I have always wanted.

It has been 30 minutes and I am still stewing. I have yelled at the cat, the TV, and at my email. Not sure why I am angry. It could be the criminal activity of Harry Reid. It could be the crap that is on my TV (really, who the hell watches Today?). It could be the minor sore throat that I can't seem to shake. It could still be that &&%$(** snowblower.

I do know what could get me out of this funk. Ok, have to keep it clean.

Time to get out this mood. I have some Polish sausage cooking for breakfast. Things are already looking better. Even better, later today I will have dinner with good friends. I have the newest issue of Playboy. Tara Reid? I can feel this cloud lifting.

And then there is my favorite Christmas song...

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