Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I salute you Tammy Naked

We all get our fair share of junk mail. Whether it be Nigerian lottery scams, boner pills, or people wanting you to join the sexual network, one should always scan that junk folder to make sure something hasn't been misplaced. It has happened before and will happen again where a friend's email gets dumped by the system into the junk folder.

98.237% of the time I delete everything in the junk folder without a thought. But every once in a while something jumps out that makes me laugh. Today was an email from Tammy Naked. See, Tammy is looking for a Boytoy and I just might be that guy. She gives a little more info in her inquiry:

Hi! Im kinda new to this, but i really want to meet different guys who know
how to really fffck me the right way!!

Age: 22 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue {web link deleted}

Hugs Tammy

Hugs! Isn't she sweet!

I give Tammy a lot of credit. The name says it all. Tammy Naked. It makes you look at the email. It is Tammy. And she is naked! I would have to suppose that Tammy is just about naked all the time. That sounds like a guy's dream.

But I could never reply or click through the link that was provided. Why? Tammy either has a stuttering problem or a terrible lisp. Meet guys who want to fffck you the right way? I think Tammy Naked would annoy the crap out of my with that stutter or lisp. I don't care if she has tits til Tuesday cuz she might talk dirty to me with that stutter or lisp and I would lose it. I am sure Tammy Naked would tell you exactly what she wants but it would take her ten minutes to just spit it out.

Sorry Tammy Naked. I give you credit for trying but until you take care of that speech impediment, I just can't be your boytoy.

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