Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ADD day

I am having a rare day. I cannot stay focused but am actually getting stuffed done. Got some pain in the ass filing done. Followed up on some people who need to give me an update. They hadn’t so it was up to me to hunt them down. Was about to move some other files so I could organize the new files but ran into the roadblock of a supervisor who wants to clear other files out first. And I was on a roll too.

I wonder if I was a kid today, would I be diagnosed with ADD? If so I bet I would be the one selling the Ritalin to the other kids at school. I recall selling my taco at lunch to a kid for 25 to 35 cents each time they were served. Then I learned how good a taco really was and my life changed forever.

For people who wear contacts. Ever have something mess up the contact or irritate your eye so bad that you pop the lens out, put it in your mouth to clean it, and pop it back into your eyeball? Just asking.

Opening Day is a week and a half away. I still don’t have a ticket but am close. It could be one of those rare ODs in Milwaukee where the weather is absolutely beautiful and a great day for baseball. These seem to occur every 7-10 years and we are due. The warmer weather has my hopes up.

Time for lunch. Today’s lunch was served yesterday so I wonder if yesterday’s lunch will be served today? I hope not. Mashed cauliflower is a disgusting replacement for mashed potatoes.

I am done bitching about the crappy health care bill that was just passed. I believe that those who support it don't see how it may screw them in the end. No, not literally. When it hampers the economy and they lose their job because of it, will they be that supportive? When they go to the emergency room and have to wait because some lady brought her child in with the sniffles, will they think this was a great idea? Or will it take their taxes and insurance premiums being jacked up for them to wonder why they were behind a terrible bill that makes things worse.

Ok, done bitching. Like most things in life, you either learn to work the system and make it work for you or you become a crotchety old man and bitch and moan about everything. Looking at the previous paragraph, I know what some of you are already thinking.


Anonymous said...

Have dropped a contact into my tequila to clean it and put it back in. Not recommended.

StB said...

I make sure to remember that.