Friday, April 30, 2010

You find out who the freaks are after hours

Most people hide their true selves at work. While some are willing to let it all hang out most of your co-workers are hiding who they really are and what they are thinking. You can't blame them in this pc, diversity builing world. Say what you want and you get in hot water or on the unemployment line.

It takes an after hours gathering to find out who the real freaks are. That quiet girl in accounting? Yeah, she has a stripper pole in her bedroom. The dude from IT? Get a couple beers in him and he won't shut up.

I remember a time when you went out drinking with your work buddies on a regular basis. But people grow up, get married, have kids, get DUIs, and it all slowly fades away. It takes someone leaving the firm to get everyone at a bar.

There were a couple things that caught my interest yesterday afternoon at one of said events. I was sitting with some IT people I don't know that well. The kind of co-workers you have some chit chat with but don't interact with that much. I can't recall how the conversation started but at some point I said "so they have a swing in their bedroom, big deal!". Usually on a comment like that there is some laughter and thats it. In this case one girl adds in "You know who DID have a swing in their bedroom? Tammy! Yeah, they would take it down when their parents came to visit. If asked they would claim they hangs plants from the hook." Soon we would hear about some now pristine woman who used to be a dog collar wearing tart at east side bars and how one girl was totally turned on by a banana that had some girth.

I learned a lot about some people yesterday. In some cases too much. In others not enough. I am tempted to encourage others to get a job elsewhere just to hear more dirt on other people.

On a different note, I had two, yes 2!, really weird dreams last night. I can't recall one of them but the other had to do with a blind guy driving people to a train station. It was like an Amazing Race kind of moment except the guy was hitting people and his car had two steering wheels.

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