Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Choose wisely

I hope I chose wisely. My decision was rational. I observed and made what I believe to be the obvious choice. I guess I will know in 30 minutes or so.

My refrigerator is bare of any real food. I believe I have 2 chicken drumsticks from Saturday, BBQ sauce, 2 cans of tomatoes, 4 cans of tuna, and a couple cans of chili beans. Good thing I have a Groupon for Philly Way. I may need it if I don't go shopping before Thursday.

Because I have little food, I was starving when I got to work. One kind girl brought in bagels yesterday so I was happy to nosh on the leftovers. I was hoping there would be some danish left but there wasn't. The bagels were wrapped tight in a bag so they should be pretty good. I then began to wonder if there was any cream cheese left over. I recall there being 3 little containers out so I checked the refrigerator.

Hmm.... what was once a nice clean refrigerator has begun to devolve into the typical office fridge. There looked to be some kind of carryout container, one little chinese box, and some yogurt on one shelf. On another was bag of something that I couldn't tell if it should be greenish in color or not. On the bottom was the cream cheese.

7 containers of cream cheese.

Choose wisely. I looked at them and went with logic. There were 3 stacked together while the other 4 were stacked in 2s. The stacks of 2 had water forming on the inside top of the lid. I figure that cannot be a good thing so I went the other route and grabbed one that wasn't getting rained in.

The bagel was still relatively fresh. The cinnamon went well with the honey walnut spread. I think I made the right choice. Now I just need to get someone to clean out that fridge.

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