Saturday, May 15, 2010

Its back

Don Henley would stop singing about dirty laundry if he had my tenants. Yes, they are at it again. The dirty laundry has returned to the basement roughly a month after I asked them not to keep it there. I have once again asked them not to do it.

This is the final time. I am not quite sure what my next steps will be. Do I ask them to leave? I could use some time with the place empty so I could remodel the bathroom. But then I lose some rent and go through the hassle of trying to find new tenants. Do I raise the rent? I think they can barely afford it as it is. Worse, it may not prevent them from once again dumping their dirty drawers down there. I need to noodle this one over before making a decision.

Am I being harsh here? Am I overreacting? Am I asking too much? You can see that I don't think so. When you have space designated specifically for your stuff you should use it. Don't clutter the common area with dirty clothes.

My was going great until this began again. My morning whizzed by and I was getting quite a bit done. I figured I would get my own laundry done as I watched a movie. I saw their crap and kinda lost it. Damn me for multi tasking. Time to relax and await the fallout. Hell I may end up at the bar early because of this.

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AletaR said...

I think you've been pretty tolerant. Put it in writing.