Monday, May 17, 2010

Killin the keg

I had another weird dream last night. I am thinking that the ice cream may not be the catalyst anymore as I did not have any yesterday evening. I did spend the day drinking around a fire, helping a friend kill a keg. Hey, that is what I do, support my friends when they call out for help.
What seemed to be just a couple guys drinking beer soon became a small cookout. A taco dip and cheese ball arrived from somewhere. A couple hours later some kids were there and the grill had burgers on it. 7 hours later the sun was down and it was getting cold. The fire pit had the only source of heat. And yet the barrel was still not done.
It was my guess that there was maybe a third of a barrel when we started. Panic ensued when around 4 we thought we ran out of CO2. My friend disappeared into his garage and came back with a bock of gauges and hoses and tanks. We were saved. That is until someone noticed that the valve on the tank had been closed. Once we opened it back up we saw we had plenty of gas to get the job done.
The keg was killed at 9:20. But I left a hour earlier. Having gotten a bit burnt from the sun I also realized that after 7 hours of drinking I either had to stop and be good for work or would have to crash on a couch. I rather be semi smart about it and call it a night when I can.
Which still makes me wonder about the weird dream I had. Maybe I can post that later.

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