Friday, July 16, 2010

Why can't I dream about better tenants

My tenants are at it again. Somehow they managed to knock out the lights in the bathroom. Not sure how they blew out a light fixture but they did.
They also managed to mess up the shower hose. It is one of those hand held types you can use to get all over your body. Maybe they spend too much time getting their under carriage clean but in the process they are twisting and turning the hose causing it to crimp. I say they are doing it because it is the only way the hose can get damage. Plus one of them has told me that he has had to replace the hose a couple of times.
These things are not disposable made to last only a couple of months. It will be fun explaining to him that they should leave it be and that I will not be replacing any more hoses for them.
The lighting is a different animal all together. I really want to have that bathroom remodeled but can’t do so with them in there. It would take at least a week to get it redone. Now I am forced to go with a short term lighting solution. I could try to do it myself but am not sure I want to mess with some very old wiring. I will have to wander the lighting section at Home Depot to see if I can find a short term solution. Who know, maybe I will get lucky and discover that they used an old light bulb.
I had me another fantastic dream last night. In it, my dad was single again (not sure if it was by divorce or death) and he had moved into my grandparents old house (which is amazing since he sold it immediately after my grandmother moved to a nursing home. He got a great deal on it; sold just before the market dived). When I walking into the house via the kitchen, I heard a TV and remarked how I was shocked he had a TV in the kitchen. He said he didn’t and pointed to the dining room area, a small room that was right off the kitchen. There he had a TV and chair set up instead of the old table they used to eat at.
As I stood in the kitchen, my dad asked if I wanted a beer. I said yes and he motioned for me to choose one. There on the floor were cases of beer. A couple cases of Lite and Coors Light were in front. Behind them were some Rolling Rock, Heineken and Becks. He also had some boxes of wine and hard liquor in the mix too. Before I could answer he opened the fridge and handed me a bottle of Lite.
He then offered me something to eat by pointing to the oven. The oven door had been removed and was next to the stove. Inside the over- which was on a low heat- were various products from McDonalds. A couple egg McMuffins, Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, and some fries were all being lit up by the oven light. I asked him what was going on with this, why he had taken the door off. He said it was easier to just reach in when he was hungry and grab what he wants.
From here I took my beer and went to the living room. In there was a small TV with a VCR. Both were on the floor with a big reclining chair in front of it. The rest of the room was empty. Before I could ask why he didn’t have any furniture, I heard the back door close. I went out the front to see what was going on. I walked to the right side of the house and was surprised to see a massive 3 car garage with doors on each end. When I turned around I ran into my father’s “girlfriend”. They had been dating for a couple of weeks. She was about 30 years younger than he was. And she was constantly coming on to me. I recall her being a cute girl, a natural redhead with glasses, but had a big butt. I kept telling her I could do anything that would make my dad unhappy.
Then I woke up. I am still amazed by the door off the oven thing. That is either pure genius or one of the stupidest things ever.

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Monavie said...

I would say that you have full right to dream about better tenants. Infact every house owner dream of better tenants, but only few people fulfill their this particular dream.