Monday, August 16, 2010

Gentile thoughts

I had me a very enjoyable weekend in Minneapolis. Though there were fewer people in the past, we had due and had a blast. Big thanks to Chad for doing the organizing and providing a staging area for a number of the festivities. It should be know that Chad has a kickass apartment, a cute girlfriend and makes some good beer. Thanks!

Good to see Drizz, Speaker, OhCaptain, and Jeff again. Good to catch up and drink some good beer with friends. I especially enjoyed talking with Tim about the Mayo Clinic and everything that goes on down in Rochester. Sounds like a nice place to work and live. I just may have to make a drive for Whisky Club.

Other things that I can speak of without breaking the Gentile Code:
  • Pizza Luce not only had outstanding pizza, but a damn good beer selection.
  • Target Field is a nice place. Didn't feel as cozy as Miller Park or Busch Stadium. The concourses were wide open allowing to see the field from many different view points. That is a major plus in my book
  • Another good thing: lots of beer selection. Though it appears Bud is a major sponsor, they do not have exclusive beer rights. Found Miller products and a number of other smaller Minnesota brews. Also drank a Leinenkugels.
  • It appeared people really enjoyed the Yuengling I was able to procure for the festivities. Thanks again to Annette and brother's wife for getting it in from the East Coast.
  • Drinking on a roof and tossing bags was a good time. Some advice: Never let softball pitchers be on the same team. Netted $20 tossing them bags.
  • Man are there a lot of titty bars in Minneapolis.
  • Had some Rogue whiskey at Herb and Stubs on the University of Minnesota campus. Also saw the new football stadium where they lose a lot of football games.
There was some discussion of hosting the Summit in Milwaukee next year. I am up for that. Just need to take a look at the Brewers schedule. Maybe we can get lucky and have it during Summerfest.

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Drizztdj said...

I'm still shaking off Friday night. Good to see you again and thanks for coming!