Thursday, September 09, 2010

Diary of Not Camping- Day 3

I survived another cool night. It wasn't as bad as the two previous nights. The wind died down which made a big different.

Today was casino day. Everyone jumped into a vehicle and we made a run to the border. To Iowa that is. Went down to Dubuque to the Mystique casino. It is nothing fancy. Just an old horsetrack that has been converted to include lots of slots and some table games. I was able to get my Pai Gow on and score a small victory. Made it grow a bit at the craps table before pissing it all away at blackjack and Let it Ride. Why I play that stupid Let it Ride game I don't know.

The booze started to flow when we got back to camp. The ladies dived into their New Glarus Cherry lambics. They liked it but said they couldn't drink a lot of it. I mention that it would be good over vanilla ice cream and get yelled at for not coming up with this idea when we stopped at the store on the ride back.

Things are getting edgy around camp. Having spent a number of days together, everyone may be wanting some time away. I am hoping to get some fishing in today. Maybe everyone will grab a pole and relax. If not I may hitchhike into town and hit a bar.

I think that may be why Annette may be taking off and going home. She says work but I think she misses her shows.

No, I am still working. Some are confused by the "camping in spirit" part of this. It is a joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

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AletaR said...

I sensed no edginess around the camp until Friday when the four men had to move the canopy. It was best to just make a hasty retreat to the bathroom. By the time I got back it was all back to joking around.
Stagger Lee turned into Stumblin Lee.