Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunglass wearing, cigarette smoking monkeys on camels

I am a tad mad at myself right now. I had some wicked dreams last night. Two hours ago I remembered them. Now I don't. I am hoping they come back to me this morning

I do recall parts of a dream from the other night. In one I was driving down a boulevard on the north part of Milwaukee. It is a street I know well from my pizza delivery days. In the dream I was driving eastbound when I had to slow down. Three camels were crossing the street. They came out from behind the apartment buildings and weren't going to stop for traffic. I tried to drive around them but the monkeys that were riding the camels were having no part of that.

Oh yes. I said monkeys were riding the camels. Those monkeys were also wearing sunglasses and smoking cigarettes.

When I noticed the sunglass wearing, camel driving monkeys, I tried to take a picture of them with my iPhone. One of the camels was right behind my car. Somehow I was able to drive and take a picture as I leaned into my back seat and took the shot. How I was able to drive while looking the other way I don't know. That is a dream for you. I know later on in a different dream I was trying to show the monkey on the camel to a friend.

This taking pictures out the back of a vehicle seemed to be a trending topic for me. The other dream I recall had me sitting on the back of a fire truck. It was a ladder truck that had a water cannon on top. Some firefighters were explaining how this new truck worked when a call came in. They said there wasn't any time for me to get out of the truck so I had to go along.

The truck came up this blazing office building. This fire was so intense that other shops across the street from it were catching on fire. The driver of the truck would come up close to the building and another firefighter would blast the flames with the water cannon on top the truck. It worked amazingly well. The only trick was the truck had to keep moving to get itself positioned correctly so the cannon could fire in the right spot. As the truck is constantly weaving around the building, I am sitting in the back trying to take pictures and video of the fire. I have this thought that I am going to make a ton of money with the footage.

I still wish I could recall the dreams of last night. I do know they had nothing to do with taking pictures of fires or sunglass wearing, cigarette smoking monkeys on camels.

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