Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Parking Lot

I had gone to bed last night when I started flipping through the channels on my TV. With the change to digital television, now there are a lot more stations on the non-cable, non-dish systems. Or simply called over the air television.

Yeah, my bedroom is not wired with cable or a dish. Us poor people live within our means and just use an antenna and the digital converter.

While flipping around, I came across a fascinating documentary on PBS. The Parking Lot Movie. The premise is that simple. They talk to guys who run parking lots. Here is the description:
Delve into the rarefied world of one small parking lot in a college town,
and the asphalt philosophers who work as attendants there scrutinizing cars and
license plates, capitalism, anger, justice, drunkenness, spiritual awakenings,
class struggle, entitlement, and the plight of the service sector worker.

I had missed roughly the first 30 minutes but was quickly sucked in once I was started watching. People with their observations of life usually trap me. It also had me wondering what college they were talking about. All these privileged college kids thinking they can treat others like they are beneath them had me going. Especially when they want to argue about paying $2 to park.

The show is on PBS and it is on a couple more times this week. I know because I bounced out of bed and went to record it on the cable box. I am looking forward to watching it in its entirety. I recommend you track it down as well.

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