Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Was this the city or some punk kid?

No one likes to come home to find part of their yard strewn with litter or debris. No one especially likes to come home to possible damage to property. Yet that is what I found upon coming home yesterday. The ‘damage’ wasn’t extensive. It actually is a nonfactor when I think about it. But it was the wood laying on the sidewalk that I didn’t like.
A little background is in order. Recently the city decided to cut down a tree on my property. Milwaukee tends to put up these trees up next to the street for the property owner. I guess because they plant them, they can decide when to take them down. They left me a notice informing me they would be pulling the plug. The tree itself was cited for “crowning” issues. I guess that means there weren’t any leaves on the top (crown) of the tree which meant is was either dead or dying. A couple weeks back I came home to find it gone. The base of the tree was on a piece of earth that was higher that the lawn around it. There were for pieces of wood (4x4s) boxing in the base of the tree. It was something the previous owner has done. It looked nice so I never touched it.
It as the wood box that I found ripped out when I arrived home yesterday. Part of it was lying in the sidewalk. I am not sure if this happened on Tuesday or possibly Monday night. It makes me wonder if it was the City of Milwaukee that did this or a punk kid.
You decide! Here is the case for both.
City of Milwaukee- Since the city took down the tree, I think they may put a new one in. I am guessing some workers came by to take a look at what was needed to be done. They may have seen the wooden frame and checked how entrenched it may or may not have been. One worker may have yanked on it a bit too hard and broke a piece off. I figure lazy union workers would just leave it there on the sidewalk instead of taking all the pieces away.
Punk kid- On Monday, I noticed a punk kid playing on top of the wooden wall that surrounds my front yard. He was walking along the top, holding onto the fence. I watched him for a while. He wasn’t causing any problems or making much noise. I didn’t see any harm in what he was doing so I let him be instead of being the cranky “Hey kid, get off of my property!” type. Maybe he got bored and started putzing around with the wood by the tree stump and yanked it out. It would explain why it was left there on the sidewalk.
I did put some of the pieces back in place, curious to see what would happen next. I am hoping someone doesn’t come by and take them as I would rather burn them myself next year at camping.
But still I wonder… was this the city or some punk kid?


J. Gambino said...

I think it was that boy I saw running from your backyard carrying a watermelon.

AletaR said...

Although I'd like to blame it on the watermelon kid, I have to go with it being the lazy union city worker. My guess is they're prepping it for a new tree. You'll be able to look outside every so often and sing out "See the tree, how big it's grown".