Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jumped the gun

I think my recovery from having my wisdom teeth pulled has been going very well. As I mentioned before, the drug consumption has been minimal. I have been using the oral rinse and added in the salt water rinses. Things seem great in the days before the follow up appointment.

It had me thinking I was further along in my recovery than I may have been. I figured I could go back to consuming some solid foods. They recommend all of these soft items like mashed potatoes and cooked pasta but they didn't say for how long. For whatever reason I assumed it meant just a couple of days. That I would be fine to eat regular foods once the weekend was over.

I was wrong.

I made up some nice polish sausage with onions last night. I didn't think consuming that would be a pain. A little soreness in the jaw from chewing but the meat seemed to search out the holes where the teeth were. They are still tender which led to some painful moments. I quickly learned that I was a couple days away from eating any food item that isn't mushy.

Looks like I'll be heading out to the food store. I am thinking various pasta products and maybe some nice stouts. Drinking those is like drinking bread, right?

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